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IT process

Providing vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology initiatives and overall company technology strategy.


R&D group management, information technology initiatives developing, software quality responsible. Grow and manage the technical team. Lead the development of new software products. Planning and implementation of enterprise IT systems in support of business operations.

System Integration

We set and configure any type of server or cloud service according to the customer's needs. We follow modular approach to systems building by design and also integrate solutions to existing platforms.

APP Development

We develop web applications using WordPress, Drupal and sometimes Joomla. Our passion-driven team always pays attention to the detail delivering beautiful and bug-free applications. Fulfillment of client's need is always our priority without sacrificing the security, the beauty and the usability of the end product. Our multidimensional and diverse knowledge let us code a product targeting any platform.

UI Design

Creativity is main characteristic of the team. We design always following the latest trends in digital design using cutting-edge frameworks to convert them to a real application. Designers and front-end developers collaborate closely to deliver always a product with the maximum quality.

Marketing and IT Consultancy

SEO experts can undertake the important task of making your website gain visibility, not only through the web, but also by using all the possible marketing channel. Additionally depending on the individual needs, in co-operation with established local country internet marketing companies we conquer the unique tips and tricks of each market.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is an important aspect of marketing; it says everything about what the product wants to be. We assist in building your visual presence in order to differentiate your brand effectively amongst the competition, and build trust with your consumers.


Security and up-time availability are the most important core values of our work. We ensure that the product is hosted in a secure environment with all the update and patches applied as soon as they are released.